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Our 2K Texture Pack for N891AF:
This texture pack replacement, designed for lower performance computers, will reduce visual clarity in some aspects. It is mainly not noticeable when not zoomed in. This works in both the Ovation II and Ovation III.

  • Download the 2K Texture Pack from the M20R Liveries Page Here (At the Bottom of the Page)
  • Add the "2K - N891AF" Folder to "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation II/Liveries" and/or "X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM/M20R Ovation III/Liveries"
  • Open the "2K - N891AF" livery when loading the aircraft in X-Plane. This livery contains the full aircraft texturing resized from 4K to 2K.
  • Enjoy the increased performance!
Updating Other Liveries:
  • Make a copy of the livery from above. Make a copy of the livery you want to make 2K.
  • All files from 2K N891AF can be used in your new livery EXCEPT both the .png and .dds of m20r_1_Fuselage, m20r_2_Wings, m20r_3_Landing_Gear, m20r_11_Empenage, and m20r_13_ExtraNav.png (In most cases, if one of these files is not in the new livery, you can use the N891AF files) These are the tail number specific files. All the other files in N891AF are generic 2k files.
  • Take the new tail number specific files and resize them (in Photoshop, MS Paint, Gimp, etc-- Anything that can resize png works) to 2048x2048px.
  • Add the 2K resized tail number specific files to your new livery with the other generic 2K files from N891AF
  • Generate DDS files of the tail number specific files using X-Grinder by Laminar Research. Under the application choose DDSTool, Use DXT5 Compression. Drag the files to be resized onto the X-Grinder Window, the DDS files will be generated and placed in the same folder
  • Add your 2K Livery to the M20R Ovation II or III Livery folder and test out
  • Please share your updated file with us so we can upload it to the M20R Liveries site!
If you encounter any problems along the way, or can't get something to work, please open a support ticket using the category Paintkit/2K texture help. We will get back to you and help out as much as we can!

Thank you,
Cooper LeComp
CEO & Founder, AFM Simulation



  • ElpromoElpromo Posts: 104Testing Team
    So, dear Coop, I'm about to do my first flight with these 2K textures now and it's a big step forward for me now gaining about 22-28fps. Thank you very much!
    Is it due to 11.20vr1 that the engine stops when idling the power? Nevertheless I'm going to fly them both more often now, that's for sure!

  • Coop1019Coop1019 Posts: 697Executive
    @Elpromo I think it may be. I am getting the same issue. Will look into it.

    Thank you,
    Cooper LeComp
    CEO & Founder, AFM Simulation

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