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Be courteous and respectful to everyone. Please do not ask for support for other developer's add-ons, unless it is applicable to what we are doing at AFM.

If you are requesting support:

Enter the Last 6 Characters in your profile by:

  • Click on Your Username in the top right
  • Click on "Edit Profile" above your info
  • Type in the last six of your serial there

You will now be verifiable to prevent piracy.

The following types of messages are not allowed anywhere:

  • Piracy and other illegal content
  • Offensive language
  • Attacking
  • General Rudeness
  • Religious or Political content
  • Spamming
  • Inappropriate posts
  • Advertising

Posting Limits (To Combat Spambots):

  • 1 Discussion per user per minute
  • 4 Comments per user per minute
  • 2 Private Messages per user per minute
  • 2 Message Replies per user per minute


This is all up to the discretion of AFM Simulation and it's moderators. It can range from a warning to banning from all of our websites. Be nice.

Thank you,
Cooper LeComp
CEO & Founder, AFM Simulation

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